Ian Russell on SAID

Ian Russell on SAID

Ian Russell speakingUnder the leadership of Ian Russell, IIAC President and CEO, the IIAC has made it a priority to raise awareness of, and shape the discussion around, the different or enhanced challenges specific to Canada’s Small and Independent Dealers (SAID).

The following materials demonstrate the IIAC’s efforts to shape the discussion around issues facing not only SAIDs, but small and mid-sized businesses, as well:

Letters from the President:

V101 – Ongoing changes to improve productivity and cut operating costs at independent firms: Will they attract capital to the wealth business?(November 2016) [PDF]

V97 – Continued Weak Performance in the Independent Firm Sector and the Rising Consumer Cost of the Wealth Management Business (July 2016) [PDF]

V94 – Keeping Track of Change: Evolving Trends in the Wealth Management Business (April 2016) [PDF]

V93 – Poor markets and an escalating regulatory burden battered boutique earnings in 2015, but signs point to a more optimistic outlook (March 2016) [PDF]

V91 – Pulling out the stops to rescue the TSX Venture Exchange: a recipe for strengthening small business access to equity capital and promoting growth and jobs (January 2016) [PDF]

V87 – The 2013-2014 Earnings Recovery in the Investment Industry: Just a dead cat bounce or a longer term recovery? (September 2015) [PDF]

V77 – Boutiques Improve Financial Results – But Face Structural Challenges [PDF]

V71 – Missing From Federal Budget: A Much Needed Helping Hand for Small Business Capital-Raising [PDF]

V69 – Looking Back – and Ahead: What 2013, and Consistently Weak Boutique Firm Earnings, Tell Us About Structural Changes [PDF]

V67 – Repairing and Strengthening the Capital-Raising Infrastructure in Canada for Small Business [PDF]

V64 – Regulators Can Take Steps to Support a Collapsing Industry [PDF]

V59 – 2006-2012: How Canadian Integrated and Boutique Firms Have Fared in the Face of Declining Revenue and Increased Regulatory Burdens [PDF]

V58 – Small Business Access to Capital: Venture Capital Action Plan Addresses Only Part of the Problem [PDF]

V56 – Vanishing Entrepreneurism in the Canadian Securities Industry – The Role for Small Firms and Regulators [PDF]


Ian Russell Speech at the Empire Club of Canada’s Annual Investment Outlook Luncheon [PDF] – January 5, 2017

Ian Russell Speech at the Empire Club of Canada’s Annual Investment Outlook Luncheon – January 5, 2016 [PDF]

Ian Russell Remarks – The Empire Club of Canada 2014 Outlook Luncheon [PDF]