CRM- What’s New

CRM- What’s New

“Given CRM’s short time to implement and long list of requirements, IIAC members need a place to rely on for the latest news. We want to make it easy for our members to access up-to-date information on anything and everything CRM.” Ian Russell, President – IIAC

May 23, 2012:
While the March 26, 2012 CRM rules are not expected to be amended, IIROC staff have said that clarifications and/or additional guidance likely will be released following the CRM events in light of questions/requests for interpretations received since the final rules were released on March 26, 2012. The June 22 event in Toronto will be taped and is expected to provide additional information coming out of the Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal CRM sessions.

April 27, 2012:
IIROC is reviewing this IIAC conflicts of interest template, amended to reflect IIROC’s preliminary feedback. As it could be some weeks before IIROC may be able to provide additional comments, please keep this confidential. We are providing this now as the conflicts provisions in CRM were effective immediately and, in the interests of efficiency, we thought it best to provide you with the template at this time for you to revise and augment as you deem appropriate for your firm and business. IIROC may not formally “non-disapprove” the document but emphasizes the need to consider potential conflicts that are not listed, and to elaborate on some that are included (the one example provided verbally being how a firm addresses potential conflicts where a firm is providing only its own products, or its own products and those of other firms).

March 29, 2012:
We understand that IIROC is developing a response to a rule interpretation request covering both current NI 31-103 and Rule 42 obligations with respect to conflicts of interests management and disclosure requirements (Rule 42). The interpretive guidance is expected shortly, we are told, and should be practical but must also be accurate and go through IIROC’s internal review process.

March 28, 2012:
IIAC is updating the draft COI Working Group conflicts of interest templates based on IIROC feedback, hopes to return the updated version to IIROC within two weeks.

March 26, 2012:
IIROC response to comments on Client Relationship Model Rules and amendments to IIROC Dealer Member Rules 200 and 1300

March 26, 2012:
IIROC Publishes CRM rules and IIAC issures media release in response

March 26, 2012:
IIAC media release in Response to Release of IIROC Rules

Feb. 28, 2012:
IIAC hosts webinar on Automating and Standardizing Risk Ratings for CRM Enhanced Suitability Requirements

Jan. 20, 2012:
IIAC launches member-only web-based support: CRM – help at your fingertips.

Jan. 9, 2012:
IIAC announced CRM member support initiatives, part of the Member Update on IIAC Priorities for 2012. To arrange a meeting or call to share your views or to be added to IIAC’s CRM update list, please e-mail Barb Amsden at

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