Letter from the President

Letter from the President

The IIAC produces various publications for Members firms, including a monthly Letter from the President.

Please note that links contained in certain Letters from the President may no longer be active.

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V102 – Have we reached the high water mark of global reform? (December 2016) [PDF]

V101 – Ongoing changes to improve productivity and cut operating costs at independent firms: Will they attract capital to the wealth business? (November 2016) [PDF]

V100 – The cost-benefit thinking of the regulators needs to be more transparent (October 2016) [PDF]

V99 – The ‘Top of House’ Issues Facing the City of London: Recent Observations from September ICSA Meetings in London (September 2016) [PDF]

V98 – Priority for the next federal budget: Facilitate small and mid-sized business access to equity capital (August 2016) [PDF]

V97 – Continued Weak Performance in the Independent Firm Sector and the Rising Consumer Cost of the Wealth Management Business (July 2016) [PDF]

V96 – EU Markets: An Expanding Regulatory Burden May be Easing (June 2016) [PDF]

V95 – Global Tax Reporting: The IIAC’s Efforts to Help Member Firms Navigate a Changing Landscape (May 2016) [PDF]

V94 – Keeping Track of Change: Evolving Trends in the Wealth Management Business (April 2016) [PDF]

V93 – Poor markets and an escalating regulatory burden battered boutique earnings in 2015, but signs point to a more optimistic outlook (March 2016) [PDF]

V92 – China thrusts into world headlines and global financial markets: What to make of it all? (February 2016) [PDF]

V91 – Pulling out the stops to rescue the TSX Venture Exchange: a recipe for strengthening small business access to equity capital and promoting growth and jobs (January 2016) [PDF]