Institutional Trade Matching Statement Posting Facility

Institutional Trade Matching Statement Posting Facility

To have your firm’s statement URL posted on the IIAC website or related information amended, please e-mail and provide:

  1. Your firm’s legal name in English and French (if available)
  2. Contact information for the website (name, telephone number, personal or a group e-mail address)
  3. Whether your firm is a broker, investment manager inter-dealer broker or custodian
  4. The URL in English and French (if available).

The IIAC posts updated information on the site weekly – within one to five business days from the date of receipt.

Since the IIAC is not a regulator and firms may choose to use trade-matching agreements or post statements, the Association does not guarantee that the list includes all counterparties, all URLs available or links to the latest statements. The Association keeps the list up to date on a best-efforts basis based on the information provided. Please send comments or questions to

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Investment Manager Trade Matching Statements
Custodian Trade Matching Statements
Inter-dealer Broker Trade Matching Statements

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