Members Only

Members Only

The IIAC works to foster a vibrant, prosperous investment industry driven by strong and efficient capital markets. The IIAC advocates on regulatory, public policy and industry issues to give the investment industry a strong voice; and supports members with a full array of services to help them become more successful.

IIAC Member firms have access to a wealth of information, including a wide range of tools, resources and publications that are not available to the general public.

To access the Members only areas of our website, click the Member Login link located on the top of this page, or when prompted to do so on specific web pages, and enter your login credentials.


As an IIAC Member firm you have access to:


IIAC “Activity Updates” – Under our “Advocacy” section, this is a quarterly publication that outlines the issues IIAC staff are engaged in on behalf of Member firms, our position on the issues, and activities going forward.


IIAC Cybersecurity Resource Centre – This section of our website under “Member Support” contains information, tools, conference materials and links to resources to assist Member firms in developing and maintaining their cybersecurity plans.


IIAC CRM2 Resource Centre – Our CRM member support is, and will continue to be multi-faceted and directed to large, medium and small Member firms across the country. Under “Member Support” is our CRM Resource Centre where you will find the IIAC Newsletter “CRM2 Countdown”, checklists and tools for IIAC Members, tools for advisors, presentation and links to other resources.


Tools – The IIAC regularly develops a variety of materials to help Member firms operate efficiently and effectively in an ever-changing regulatory environment. We also develop best practices on new or complex processes and provide templates and samples that leverage our Members firms’ collective expertise. You will find this information under “Tools” in our “Member Support” section of our website.


Information Pertaining to Small and Independent Dealers – There are approximately 175 Small and Independent Dealers (SAIDs) in Canada, providing unique products and service offerings to issuers, investors and other participants in the Canadian capital markets. In addition to the general business and regulatory challenges facing all of our Member firms, SAIDs are often subject to different or enhanced challenges. Understanding the importance of this sector, IIAC expends considerable time and effort assisting firms operationally, and advocating on their behalf. In our “Small Dealers” section of our website, there are sections accessible only to Member firms where you will find publications, tools and committee meeting minutes specific to SAIDs.


Data – Our Member firms have access to Excel spreadsheets containing a cross-section of industry data. These are available under “Member Support”, “Industry Data”.