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The IIAC in the News

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22-November-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC flags problem of accurately valuing thinly traded securities”Click here
22-November-21Investment Executive“Time to reform valuation practices, IIAC says”Click here
22-November-21Investment Executive“A steady hand at the IIAC helm”Click here
22-November-21Investment Executive“Proposed prospectus exemption raises alarm”Click here
15-November-21Wealth Professional“Listed issuer exemption could leave investors exposed, CSA warned”Click here
15-November-21Advisor’s Edge“Client assets soar during pandemic: IIAC”Click here
15-November-21Investment Executive“Client assets soar during pandemic: IIAC”Click here
4-November-21Finance et Investissement« De Croesus à Valsoft »Click here
2-November-21Investment Executive“IIAC finalists prioritize public service”Click here
1-November-21Investment Executive“From cold calling to top honours”Click here
29-October-21Wealth ProfessionalOp-Ed: “Short-term credit market functioning and projected policy”Click here
13-October-21Portail de l’assurance« L’industrie partagée sur le cadre réglementaire des organismes d’autoréglementation »Click here
12-October-21Investment Executive“Jonathan Lin named 2021 winner of IIAC Top Under 40 award”Click here
12-October-21Advisor’s Edge“Jonathan Lin named 2021 winner of IIAC Top Under 40 award”Click here
12-October-21Investment Executive“Disclosure reforms draw praise, concern”Click here
6-October-21Insurance Portal“Industry groups respond to regulators’ self-regulatory organization consultation paper”Click here
5-October-21Wealth Professional“Industry stakeholders weigh in on new SRO plans”Click here
27-September-21Wealth Professional Magazine“An evolution in self-regulation”Click here
23-September-21Tax Notes“Investor Groups Ask IRS to Suspend E-File Rule for Foreign Filers”Click here
23-September-21Conseiller« Encore un jury de qualité pour le concours « Les conseillers à l’honneur! »Click here
20-September-21Investment Executive“Client ID proposal raises industry ire”Click here
20-September-21Finance et Investissement« Réactions polarisées au Québec »Click here
20-September-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC releases Top Under 40 nominees”Click here
20-September-21Investment Executive“IIAC releases Top Under 40 nominees”Click here
30-August-21Investment Executive“Banks unfazed by success of independent brokerages”Click here
23-August-21Advisor’s Edge“Groups call for KYC to go beyond minimum standards”Click here
23-August-21Investment Executive“Groups call for KYC to go beyond minimum standards”Click here
12-August-21Finance et Investissement« Nouvel OAR : on doit miser sur l’expertise de l’OCRCVM »Click here
9-August-21Conseiller« FNB : un beau parcours »Click here
6-August-21Finance et Investissement« Nouvel OAR : accueil positif de la CSF »Click here
4-August-21Wealth ProfessionalOp-Ed: “The evolution of Canadian ETF product offerings”Click here
4-August-21Wealth Professional“IIAC welcomes new president and CEO”Click here
3-August-21The Globe and Mail“Canadian regulators to create new watchdog for investment industry, replacing IIROC and MFDA”Click here
3-August-21Media in Toronto“Laura Paglia Becomes New Head Of IIAC”Click here
21-July-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Expanded cost reporting poses an important and challenging task”Click here
14-July-21Finance et Investissement« Solution proposée au problème d’information au client »Click here
8-July-21Conseiller« Découvrez les intronisés du Temple de la renommée »Click here
29-June-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC announces 2021 hall of fame inductees”Click here
29-June-21Investment Executive“IIAC names 2021 hall of famers”Click here
25-June-21Wealth Professional“IIAC urges FSRA to minimize title-protection burden”Click here
25-June-21Bank of Canada“Bank of Canada to be closed in observance of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30, 2021”Click here
16-June-21Finance et Investissement« D’excellents résultats, malgré les perturbations »Click here
14-June-21Investment Executive“Retail trading fuels industry profits in Q1”Click here
10-June-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC names new board leader”Click here
10-June-21Investment Executive“IIAC names new chairman”Click here
10-June-21Compliance News“IIAC Names Board Chair and Vice-Chair”Click here
8-June-21Wealth Professional“Dealer platform advances fuel wealth industry performance: IIAC”Click here
26-May-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Complex exempt market offerings require more vigorous oversight”Click here
10-May-21The Hill TimesOp-Ed: “About time to get a grip on money-laundering problems in Canada”Click here
3-May-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Budget 2021 was a disappointment to the investment industry”Click here
30-April-21Finance et Investissement« OCRCVM : une écoute appréciée »Click here
28-April-21Wealth Professional“What Canadians like and don’t like about the budget”Click here
27-April-21Portail de l’assurance« Le commerce des valeurs mobilières surperforme pendant la pandémie de la COVID-19 »Click here
26-April-21Insurance Portal“Deadlines approach for industry awards nominations”Click here
22-April-21Insurance Portal“Investment industry outperforms during the pandemic”Click here
21-April-21Insurance Portal“Mixed industry response to 2021 federal budget”Click here
21-April-21Wealth Professional“Federal budget fails to inspire investor confidence, says IIAC”Click here
21-April-21The Globe and Mail“Shaw family invests in wealth manager Grayhawk”Click here
21-April-21Finance et Investissement« L’ACCVM nomme une nouvelle présidente et chef de la direction »Click here
19-April-21Finance et Investissement« Souplesse bien reçue »Click here
19-April-21Investment Executive“Canadian asset managers targeting ESG boutiques”Click here
16-April-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “How to integrate the CIPF into a consolidated SRO”Click here
12-April-21Investment Executive“Laura Paglia named next IIAC head”Click here
12-April-21Advisor’s Edge“Laura Paglia named next IIAC head”Click here
12-April-21Wealth Professional“IIAC unveils new president and CEO”Click here
12-April-21Insurance Portal“The Investment Industry Association of Canada appoints new president”Click here
8-April-21The Globe and Mail“Investment-industry regulator drops plan for minor-offence program”Click here
8-April-21The Hill TimesOp-Ed: “Steps Ottawa can take to restore fiscal stability”Click here
8-April-21Wealth Professional“Canada can start afresh from CMAIO pause, says IIAC CEO”Click here
7-April-21Investment Executive“Shuttering of national securities regulator came as no surprise to industry”Click here
7-April-21Advisor’s Edge“Shuttering of national securities regulator came as no surprise to industry”Click here
1-April-21Investment Executive“Letter: Industry has made significant progress on strategic issues throughout pandemic”Click here
1-April-21Wealth Professional“SRO consolidation is ‘inevitable’, say industry groups”Click here
31-March-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Positive surprises during the pandemic”Click here
31-March-21The Globe and Mail“Federal and provincial governments shutting down national securities regulator project, sources say”Click here
31-March-21The Globe and Mail“Investment industry groups push for quicker merger of regulators”Click here
31-March-21Investment Executive“Industry group recommends advice-focused SRO”Click here
31-March-21Advisor’s Edge“Industry group recommends advice-focused SRO”Click here
31-March-21The Canadian Business Journal“Investment Industry SRO Forum makes submission to CSA”Click here
31-March-21Zone Bourse« Le forum du secteur des placements sur les organismes d’autoréglementation (OAR) dépose un mémoire aux ACVM »Click here
31-March-21Street Insider« Le forum du secteur des placements sur les organismes d’autoréglementation (OAR) dépose un mémoire aux ACVM »Click here
31-March-21Yahoo Finance“Investment Industry SRO Forum makes submission to CSA”Click here
31-March-21Canada News Media“Investment industry groups push for quicker merger of regulators – The Globe and Mail”Click here
26-March-21Wealth Professional“Ontario on the right track with latest budget, says IIAC”Click here
26-March-21Finance et Investissement« Cinq façons dont la COVID-19 a modifié pour de bon la gestion de patrimoine »Click here
24-March-21The Globe and Mail“Groups call for small business to be the focus of the federal budget”Click here
22-March-21Investment Executive“Another record year for the investment industry”Click here
22-March-21Finance et Investissement« Conseillers divisés »Click here
15-March-21Bombay Stock Exchange Forum Views“Closing the Critical Gaps to Protect Personal Information”Click here
12-March-21Advisor’s Edge Magazine“Five ways Covid-19 has permanently changed wealth management”Click here
26-February-21Finance et Investissement« Le secteur des investissements pas à l’abri de la crise, mais il résiste »Click here
23-February-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC calls for Hall of Fame nominations”Click here
23-February-21Investment Executive“IIAC calls for Hall of Fame nominations”Click here
22-February-21The Globe and MailOp-Ed: “A strong case can be made for Ontario to support market passport system”Click here
18-February-21Investment Executive“Investment industry not quite immune to crisis, but resilient”Click here
18-February-21Advisor’s Edge“Investment industry not quite immune to crisis, but resilient”Click here
17-February-21Northern Miner“Ontario taskforce aims to improve capital raising for public companies”Click here
16-February-21Investment Executive“With Vingoe’s term ending, what’s next for the OSC?”Click here
3-February-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Dealers pursue strategic partnerships to offer alternative investments to clients”Click here
27-January-21Finance et Investissement« Proposer une « alternative » aux médecins »Click here
25-January-21Investment Executive“Are you the keymaster?”Click here
25-January-21Investment Executive“An independent alternative for doctors”Click here
18-January-21Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence“COVID-19 Coverage – Canada “Click here
7-January-21Wealth ProfessionalOp-Ed: “Closing the critical gaps to protect personal information”Click here
5-January-21Investment Executive“Letter: Investment industry well-positioned for the post-Covid recovery”Click here
24-December-20The Globe and Mail“Globe Advisor’s Best of 2020: Top 10 developments affecting the investment industry”Click here
16-December-20Conseiller« L’ACCVM récompense Joseph Bakish »Click here
16-December-20Financial Times“Richardson Wealth’s Joseph Bakish Wins IIAC’s Top 40 Under 40 Award for 2020”Click here
14-December-20Finance et Investissement« Joseph Bakish remporte le Prix du leader de moins de 40 ans de l’ACCVM »Click here
14-December-20Investment Executive“Joseph Bakish named 2020 winner of IIAC Top Under 40 award”Click here
14-December-20Advisor’s Edge“Joseph Bakish named 2020 winner of IIAC Top Under 40 award”Click here
14-December-20Investment Executive“Ontario’s title reform could miss the mark”Click here
7-December-20The Globe and Mail“No one wins if current rules for financial professionals’ titles remain as is”Click here
30-November-20Investment Executive“Investment firms cautious on reopening plans, notification procedures”Click here
30-November-20Advisor’s Edge“Investment firms cautious on reopening plans, notification procedures”Click here
24-November-20Wealth Professional“COVID-19 has driven up IIROC clients’ cash balances”Click here
23-November-20Investment Executive“Regulators’ efforts to cut red tape continue”Click here
18-November-20Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Helping different generations meet their retirement goals”Click here
15-November-20Finance et Investissement« FNB encore peu utilizes »Click here
15-November-20Finance et Investissement« Vers une fusion des OAR ? »Click here
3-November-20Insurance Portal“IIAC comments on FSRA’s proposed title regulation”Click here
2-November-20Investment Executive“Hope for small dealers in industry reforms”Click here
29-October-20Wealth Professional“IIAC seeks clarity on Ontario title protection”Click here
27-October-20Investment Executive“Exempt IIROC, MFDA firms from title rules: IIAC”Click here
27-October-20Advisor’s Edge“IIAC says proposed title rules shouldn’t apply to dealers regulated by SROs”Click here
22-October-20Wealth ProfessionalOp-Ed: “A consolidated SRO model is not a bridge too far”Click here
21-October-20The Hill Times“Infrastructure bank’s $10-billion growth plan raises hope of green bond push in Canada”Click here
19-October-20Mimecast“Focus on Canada: Cross-Border Data Privacy in the Crosshairs”Click here
16-October-20Benefits Canada“Editorial: Does government legislation favour DB pensions over DC plans?”Click here
14-October-20Investment Executive“Letter: CCMR needs a strategic approach”Click here
9-October-20Bloomberg News“Trading Worries Abound Under New Final Withholding Tax Rules”Click here
8-October-20Investment Executive“Dealers say no to pulling all-nighters”Click here
8-October-20Advisor’s Edge“Dealers concerned about MX’s longer hours: IIAC”Click here
6-October-20Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “The coming battleground for retail distribution”Click here
6-octobre-20The Globe and Mail“Power Corp.’s Sagard Holdings buys majority stake in wealth manager Grayhawk”Click here
6-October-20Finance et Investissement« Les FNB ont passé le test »Click here
5-October-20The Northern Miner“Industry, investors divided on proposed Ontario capital market reforms”Click here
30-September-20Wealth Professional“IFIC, IIAC weigh in on account transfer issues”Click here
29-September-20Wealth Professional“Equity ETF liquidity has withstood crisis well: IIAC”Click here
28-September-20Advisor’s Edge“As markets roiled, equity ETFs stayed calm: IIAC”Click here
28-September-20Investment Executive“As markets roiled, equity ETFs stayed calm: IIAC”Click here
24-September-20Advisor’s Edge“IIAC pushes back on Quebec privacy bill”Click here
24-September-20Investment Executive“Quebec privacy bill gets pushback from IIAC”Click here
23-September-20Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “More effort needed to achieve task force policy objectives”Click here
23-September-20Real Estate News EXchange“The feds may move to hike capital gains tax: a bad idea”Click here
21-September-20Investment Executive“Task force report draws criticism”Click here
10-September-20The Globe and Mail“Globe Advisor’s Best of August: Taking the next steps”Click here
8-September-20Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence“COVID-19 Coverage – Canada”Click here
8-September-20Investment Executive“IIAC reports industry revenues increased in June”Click here
8-September-20Advisor’s Edge“Industry revenues increase month over month in June: IIAC”Click here
2-September-20Finance et Investissement« Le secteur des investissements résiste à la crise »Click here
1-September-20Insurance Portal“IIAC suggests a new program to attract foreign investment to Canada”Click here
31-August-20The Globe and Mail“Investment industry calls for changes, greater clarity to proposed title rules”Click here
25-August-20Conseiller« COVID-19 : le secteur financier tient le coup »Click here
21-August-20Investment Executive“Investment industry steady through crisis”Click here
21-August-20Investment Executive“Task force proposes power boost”Click here
20-August-20Conseiller« Quelle fiscalité avec Chrystia Freeland? »Click here
20-August-20Finance et Investissement« Quelle direction prendra la politique fiscale de Freeland? »Click here
19-August-20Financial Post“Freeland seen as ‘black box,’ but Bay Street didn’t get what it hoped from Morneau, either”Click here
18-August-20Investment Executive“Where is tax and fiscal policy headed under Freeland?”Click here
18-August-20Advisor’s Edge“Experts weigh in on where Freeland will lead tax policy”Click here
17-August-20Benefits Canada“IIAC calling for retirement savings, EI reform in federal budget”Click here
14-August-20Benefits Canada“Head to head: What shape will global economic recovery take?”Click here
14-August-20Advisor’s Edge“IIAC calls for measures to address post-pandemic fallout”Click here
14-August-20Investment Executive“IIAC calls for EI reform, retraining”Click here
7-August-20Investment Executive“Letter: Time to act on structural reform”Click here
5-August-20Wealth Professional“Some COVID-19 exemptions will have to stick, says IIAC”Click here
5-August-20Investment Executive“Letter: What’s the rush to merge IIROC and MFDA?”Click here
4-August-20Investment Executive“Letter: SROs at a crossroads”Click here
29-July-20Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Closing the circle to benefit investors”Click here
28-July-20Wealth Professional“Investor groups commend senior-protection proposals”Click here
22-July-20Finance et Investissement« Découvrez le nouveau conseil d’administration de l’ACCVM »Click here
20-July-20The Globe MailOp-Ed: “Battling systemic economic racism: A few suggestions for the way forward”Click here
20-July-20Advisor’s Edge“IIAC names board members for 2020-21”Click here
20-July-20Investment Executive“Rousseau re-appointed as IIAC chair”Click here
15-July-20Investment Executive“Letter: Proposed rules on vulnerable clients need clarification”Click here
8-July-20Finance et Investissement« Comment les FNB ont-ils réagi à la crise? »Click here
3-July-20Advisor’s Edge“IIAC reveals 2020 Hall of Fame inductees”Click here
3-July-20Investment Executive“Krembil, Jensen headline IIAC’s Hall of Fame class”Click here
2-July-20Wealth Professional“IIAC weighs in on protection of senior clients with diminished capacity”Click here
2-July-20Wealth Professional“Investment industry calls for curbs on market data costs”Click here
17-June-20Insurance Portal“Insurers must be transparent in how they use data”Click here
11-June-20Investment Executive“Letter: More rules don’t necessarily mean better investor protection”Click here
11-June-20The Globe and Mail“Richardson GMP, Cormark Securities announce ‘strategic alliance'”Click here
11-June-20The Globe and Mail“Will recent stock market decline lead to more complaints against advisors?”Click here
10-June-20The Canadian Business Journal“Improving Business Access to Public Equity Capital: The first Order of Business for Recovery”Click here
5-June-20Wealth Professional“Canada must not stray from sustainable-finance path, says IIAC”Click here
5-June-20Finance et Investissement« La protection des données, un lourd défi »Click here
5-June-20Stockwatch“Globe says OSC, others loosen rules on ATM financings”Click here
4-June-20The Globe and Mail“Canadian regulators ease rules, make it easier for companies to issue shares and raise new capital”Click here
3-June-20Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Culture can’t be lost in shift to remote work”Click here
3-June-20South China Morning Post“Revive millionaire migration to cure Canada’s coronavirus economic woes, say advocates”Click here
2-June-20Insurance Portal“IIAC committed to proceeds of crime legislation that is responsive to emerging risks”Click here
1-June-20Bombay Stock Exchange Forum Views – pg 8“What’s Next for Securities Regulators?”Click here
27-May-20Conseiller« Un frein aux immigrants investisseurs »Click here
25-May-20CIC News“Quebec suspends immigrant investor program again”Click here
25-May-20247 News Around the World« Québec prolonge la suspension du programme des immigrants investisseurs »Click here
21-May-20Finance et Investissement« Déconfinement : de nombreux éléments à considerer »Click here
20-May-20Investment Migration Insider“Québec IIP Suspension Extended Until April 2021; IIAC Calls for Re-Launch of Federal Program”Click here
20-May-20Conseiller« Les investisseurs étrangers pour rebâtir l’économie »Click here
19-May-20Wealth Professional“Public equity markets will be key to business recovery, says IIAC”Click here
15-May-20Investment Executive“Boosting foreign direct investment could help rebuild economy: IIAC”Click here
15-May-20Advisor’s Edge“Revive Canada’s immigrant investor program, IIAC says”Click here
7-May-20Finance et Investissement« COVID-19 : Que devez-vous attendre des régulateurs des valeurs mobilières? »Click here
6-May-20The Hill TimesOp-Ed: “Federal policy will need to pivot from support to recovery”Click here
4-May-20Securities Finance Monitor“Survey on BCP tech used by IIAC member firms during work-from-home”Click here
1-May-20Financial Post“These two tax proposals could throw investors a lifeline during the pandemic”Click here
1-May-20Investment Executive“A position of exceptional strength”Click here
29-April-20Advisor’s Edge“CRA updates guidance on agreements designed to thwart tax evasion”Click here
29-April-20Investment Executive“CRA publishes updated FATCA, CRS guidance”Click here
29-April-20Finance et Investissement« Les clients préoccupés par la liquidité du marché des titres à revenu fixe »Click here
28-April-20Finance et Investissement« Les courtiers en valeurs mobilières réfléchissent aux mesures post confinement »Click here
27-April-20Securities Finance Monitor“IIAC: functioning and liquidity in Canada’s fixed income markets during COVID-19”Click here
27-April-20Advisor’s Edge“IIAC calls for tax relief”Click here
27-April-20Investment Executive“IIAC seeks tax relief for investors”Click here
27-April-20Finance et Investissement« Ce que les conseillers doivent savoir sur l’accueil virtuel de nouveaux clients »Click here
23-April-20Advisor’s Edge“Onboarding a new client virtually”Click here
23-April-20Investment Executive“What advisors need to know about virtual onboarding”Click here
21-April-20Conseiller« Le facteur humain, plus grand défi »Click here
20-April-20Investment Executive“Human fallout the biggest challenge for industry firms: IIAC”Click here
20-April-20Insurance Portal“IIAC asks for cut in fees because of COVID-19”Click here
20-April-20Advisor’s Edge“Firms concerned about morale, staying connected: IIAC survey”Click here
8-April-20Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Ontario securities task force has opportunity to do more”Click here
7-April-20Investment Executive“IIAC seeks fee hike deferrals”Click here
7-April-20Advisor’s Edge“IIAC asks exchanges to delay fee increases”Click here
3-April-20Finance et investissement« Le Temple de la renommée du secteur des valeurs mobilières cherche de nouveaux intronisés »Click here
2-April-20Investment Executive“FATCA, 10 years on”Click here
25-March-20The Globe and Mail“Could regulatory review open door to advisor incorporation?”Click here
24-March-20The Globe and Mail“Investment industry in lockstep behind a single SRO”Click here
17-March-20The Globe and Mail“Investment industry groups target key issues in pre-budget submissions”Click here
6-March-20Investment Executive“Reg task force has work cut out for it”Click here
5-March-20Investment Executive“CSA recruits firms to fight elder fraud: Regulators propose measures to help firms protect vulnerable clients”Click here
5-March-20Advisor’s Edge“CSA proposes new rules to help firms tackle elder fraud”Click here
4-March-20Advisor’s Edge“Ontario to focus on deficit in March 25 budget”Click here
4-March-20Investment Executive“Ontario budget set for March 25”Click here
2-March-20The Globe and Mail“Former Gluskin Sheff executive Peter Mann named co-CEO of Grayhawk as company plans national expansion”Click here
28-February-20National Post“John Ivison: Expanding capital gains tax would be very short-sighted approach to fighting federal deficit”Click here
26-February-20Benefits and Pension Monitor“Canada Poised For Green Bond Growth”Click here
24-February-20Advisor’s Edge“Canada’s green bond market still limited: IIAC”Click here
24-February-20Investment Executive“Kickstarting Canada’s green bond market”Click here
12-February-20Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Expect structural change in the investment industry as competitive conditions intensify?”Click here
11-February-20The Globe and MailOp-Ed: “What kind of modernization does the Securities Act really need?”Click here
5-February-20Finance et Investissement« L. Jacques Ménard est décédé »Click here
4-February-20Insurance Portal“Small investment dealers hold inherent weaknesses, says IIAC president”Click here
3-February-20The Globe and Mail“Provincial securities commissions should take over stock market trading supervision in Canada, report says”Click here
3-February-20Advisor’s Edge“IIAC predicts small firms may face consolidation”Click here
3-February-20Investment Executive“Small dealers facing consolidation: IIAC”Click here
31-January-20Investment Executive“Liberals ready to fulfil promises in 2020 budget”Click here
30-January-20The Globe and Mail“Edward Jones builds up advisor roster with experienced recruits”Click here
30-January-20Refinitiv Perspectives“Redefining ESG: A green taxonomy for Canada?”Click here
30-January-20Finance et Investissement« Rabais sur les frais de transaction : l’ACCVM se range du côté des ACVM »Click here
27-January-20The Hill TimesOp-Ed: “New legislation around privacy fits well within existing SRO structure”Click here
27-January-20Financial PostOversight or interference? Jensen’s pending departure sparks debate about government’s relationship to OSC”Click here
23-January-20Advisor’s Edge“The future of wealth management”Click here
16-January-20Hockey Canada“Hockey Canada Foundation welcomes new board members”Click here
14-January-20Finance et Investissement« 5 tendances fintech à surveiller en 2020 »Click here
12-January-20The Globe and Mail“Family rejects rumours of possible Richardson GMP sale as firm refocuses on its wealth management roots”Click here
18-December-19Investment Executive“Industry engagement key to burden reduction measures”Click here
12-December-19The Globe and Mail“Stifel GMP hires Matthew Gaasenbeek as co-head of investment banking”Click here
12-December-19Investment Executive“CSA promises SRO review for 2020”Click here
12-December-19Advisor’s Edge“CSA promises SRO review for 2020”Click here
11-December-19Minden Gross LLP“IIAC in Support of the OSC Having Blanket Order Powers”Click here
5-December-19Finance et Investissement« Un bon citoyen du monde »Click here
3-December-19Investment Executive“OSC should have blanket order powers, IIAC says”Click here
3-December-19Advisor’s Edge“IIAC says OSC should have power to issue blanket orders”Click here
3-December-19Conseiller« Objectif pour 2020 : survivre! »Click here
3-December-19Investment Executive“Title regulation coming to the Prairies”Click here
2-December-19Investment Executive“Regulatory challenges for the year ahead”Click here
2-December-19Advisor’s Edge“Regulators challenged by harmonization, tech, climate change”Click here
29-November-19Investment Executive“IIAC calls for rethink on defining in-house accounts”Click here
29-November-19Advisor’s Edge“IIROC’s proposal on identifying in-house accounts too broad: IIAC”Click here
15-November-19Investment Executive“OBSI-IIROC info sharing worries IIAC”Click here
15-November-19Advisor’s Edge“IIAC concerned about communication between ombudservice, regulator”Click here
15-November-19Investment Executive“Newsmaker: A good global citizen”Click here
15-November-19Investment Executive“Are you too conservative with your senior clients’ portfolios?”Click here
15-November-19Finance et Investissement“Trop conservateur, le portefeuille de vos clients âgés ?”Click here
14-November-19Finance et Investissement« Le Comité Jeune de Finance Montréal lancera bientôt ses activités »Click here
11-November-19Securities Finance Monitor“IIAC comments on Canadian privacy regulation PIPEDA”Click here
10-November-19The Globe and Mail“Bankers to see disappointing bonuses after slow year for deals”Click here
7-November-19Finance et Investissement« La loi sur la protection de la vie privée devrait se durcir »Click here
6-November-19Advisor’s Edge“Ontario announces task force to review ‘outdated’ Securities Act”Click here
6-November-19Investment Executive“Ontario to review Securities Act for first time in 16 years”Click here
1-November-19Finance et Investissement« Au coeur de l’action »Click here
1-November-19Investment Executive“Will the Liberals raise the capital gains tax rate?”Click here
31-October-19Financial PostOp-Ed: “The next steps in streamlining and reducing investment regulation”Click here
31-October-19Investment Executive“Insights from an audit of a referral business”Click here
31-October-19Advisor’s Edge“Rethinking referral arrangements”Click here
30-October-19Finance et Investissement« Six membres de l’industrie honorés lors du gala de l’ACCVM »Click here
29-October-19Investment Executive“Bespoke advice becoming more important in changing industry”Click here
29-October-19Advisor’s Edge“Providing bespoke advice in the face of automation”Click here
24-October-19Journal Metro« IIAC Leadership financier d’un Dorvalois souligné »Click here
24-October-19Advisor’s Edge“IIAC unveils 2019 Top Under 40 Award winner”Click here
24-October-19Investment Executive“Devan Legare named 2019 winner of IIAC Top Under 40 Award”Click here
16-October-19Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Changing the game on cross-border data processing”Click here
16-October-19Finance et Investissement« Des technologies qui révolutionneront la profession de conseiller »Click here
15-October-19Finance et Investissement« La Station Fintech Montréal ouvre bientôt ses portes »Click here
11-October-19Advisor’s Edge“Paying RRSP, TFSA investment fees from outside the accounts not an advantage, Finance says”Click here
11-October-19Conseiller« À qui appartiennent les données clients ? »Click here
11-October-19Journal Haute-Côte-Nord« Association canadienne du commerce des valeurs mobilières – Bernard Filiatrault en lice pour un prix national »Click here
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2-October-19Bloomberg“Canadian bankers want to include oil in push for sustainable finance”Click here
1-October-19Finance et Investissement« Controverse au sujet du programme”Click Here
20-September-19The Globe and Mail“Open banking could be ‘very positive’ for financial advice business”Click here
20-September-19Investment Executive“Legislation review overdue”Click here
9-September-19Investment Executive“IIAC says Saskatchewan’s title regulation shouldn’t extend to financial advisors”Click here
9-September-19Advisor’s Edge“IIAC to Saskatchewan: title regulation should focus on planners, not advisors”Click here
6-September-19Investment Executive“IIROC’s CE proposals draw criticism”Click here
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29-July-19Investment Executive“IIAC comments on IIROC’s proposed disciplinary tools”Click here
29-July-19Advisor’s Edge“IIAC calls for lower fines in minor contravention program”Click here
21-July-19The Globe and MailOp-Ed: “Blunting the rapid escalation in market data fees to improve investment returns”Click here
15-July-19Bloomberg Tax“IRS Prop. Reg.: Comments Submitted on Withholding of Tax, Information Reporting Regarding Interests in Partnerships Engaged in the Conduct of a U.S. Trade or Business (IRC §1446)” (subscription required)Click here
15-July-19Advisor’s Edge“IIAC to launch compensation survey”Click here
15-July-19Investment Executive“IIAC to launch comprehensive industry compensation survey”Click here
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17-June-19The Globe and Mail“GMP Capital restructures its footprint, sells capital markets business to U.S.-based Stifel Financial”Click here
16-June-19The Globe and Mail“GMP Capital in talks to be acquired by U.S. brokerage firm Stifel Financial”Click here
14-June-19The Insurance and Investment Journal“IIAC announces Hall of Fame inductees”Click here
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3-June-19The Canadian Mining Journal“AWARDS: Laurentian University offers honorary doctorates to Goodman and MacGibbon”Click here
1-June-19The Sudbury Star“Mining Laurentian to present four honorary doctorates”Click here
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28-May-19Business in VancouverPodcast: E-delivery a “win-win” for firms, investorsClick here
27-May-19Le Journal de L’assurance« L’ACCVM suggère d’assouplir la règlementation pour la transmission électronique de documents »Click here
27-May-19The Insurance and Investment Journal“IIAC recommends further regulatory development to facilitate eDelivery”Click here
22-May-19Conseiller« Régulateur national : une histoire sans fin »Click here
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14-April-19Wealth Professional“‘Significant step’ towards job title protection”Click here
12-April-19Advisor’s Edge“Province’s plan to regulate planner and advisor titles gets thumbs-up from industry”Click here
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11-April-19Investment Executive“IIAC calls for reforms to CTO regime”Click here
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10-April-19Investment Executive“IIAC calls for nominations for 2019 Top Under 40 Award”Click here
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28-March-19The Lawyer’s Daily“Budget affects stock options, TFSAs and Individual Pension Plans” (subscription required)Click here
27-March-19Wealth Professional“Canada to crack down on ‘reckless’ advisors”Click here
26-March-19The Globe and Mail“Beware TFSA day traders: The CRA may be coming after you” (subscription required)Click here
25-March-19Business in Vancouver
“Editorial: Morneau’s budget won’t build business confidence”Click here
21-March-19Advisor’s Edge“Clients day trading in their TFSAs? They’re ultimately liable for the tax”Click here
21-March-19Investment Executive“TFSA holders ultimately liable for any tax on day trading in an account”Click here
21-March-19Business in VancouverPodcast: IIAC President and CEO weighs in on the federal government’s latest budget (23:05 mark)Click here
20-March-19Wealth Professional“Budget falls short and will hurt sentiment, says IIAC”Click here
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11-March-19The Globe and Mail“Investment industry calls for Ottawa to tackle competitiveness” -subscription requiredClick here
6-March-19The Globe and MailOp-Ed: “What Canada can learn from a damning report on Australia’s financial industry”Click here
6-March-19Investment Executive“IIAC seeking nominations for 2019 Hall of Fame”Click here
6-March-19Advisor’s Edge“Nominations open for IIAC’s 2019 Hall of Fame”Click here
4-March-19Advisor’s Edge“Stakeholders tell OSC: Don’t cut investor protection while trimming regulatory burden”Click here
4-March-19Investment Executive“OSC urged to cut regulatory burdens, not investor protections”Click here
4-March-19Investment Executive“OSC announces hearings, internal work at cutting red tape”Click here
4-March-19Advisor’s Edge“OSC offers details about red tape roundtable”Click here
14-February-19Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Investors can benefit from regulatory streamlining”Click here
12-February-19Investment Executive“Reducing the burden, but fairly”Click here
12-February-19Investment Executive“Fintech’s slow, deliberate growth”Click here
8-February-19Advisor’s Edge“IIAC favours cutting two old rules for every new one to reduce regs”Click here
8-February-19Investment Executive“IIAC calls on Ontario to boost growth”Click here
1-February-19Finance et Investissement« Guerre d’influence entourant les produits maison »Click here
31-January-19Finance et Investissement« Diminution du rendement des bénéfices des sociétés de courtage pour 2019 »Click here
25-January-19Business in VancouverPodcast: Global uncertainty, equities selloffs and higher operating costs are putting pressure on Canada’s investment industry (12:54 mark)Click here
25-January-19The Globe and Mail“Smaller investment dealers hit by rising costs, dispirited markets”Click here
22-January-19Journal de l’assurance« Le nombre de courtiers en valeurs mobilières indépendants pourrait diminuer, dit l’ACCVM »Click here
21-January-19Advisor’s Edge“Strong demand for wealth management drives industry in 2018”Click here
21-January-19Investment Executive“Demand for wealth management drives investment industry performance: Russell”Click here
21-January-19The Insurance and Investment Journal“Number of independent investment dealers expected to decline”Click here
21-January-19Conseiller« Obligations vertes : pas près de s’essouffler : u’est-ce qui explique leur forte croissance? »Click here
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