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1-September-22Finance et Investissement“La croissance de l’effet de levier est un risque potentiel pour les clients”Click here
29-August-22Investment Executive“Fight over CRM3 feels familiar”Click here
24-August-22Investment Executive“Growth in client leverage a potential risk”Click here
16-August-22Wealth Professional“New SRO must provide a better investor experience”Click here
9-August-22Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Interest rate benchmark reform requires careful execution and strong collaboration”Click here
27-July-22Finance et Investissement“Deux Québécois récompensés par les Prix d’excellence en leadership 2022”Click here
26-July-22Financial Post“Financial Post columnist among 2022 inductees to Canada’s Investment Industry Hall of Fame”Click here
25-July-22Investment Executive“IIAC inducts three to Hall of Fame”Click here
25-July-22Advisor’s Edge“IIAC inducts three to Hall of Fame”Click here
27-June-22Advisor’s Edge“IIROC’s Kriegler to lead new SRO”Click here
27-June-22Investment Executive“IIROC’s Kriegler to lead new SRO”Click here
13-June-22Investment Executive“CDOR, CORRA and T+1, oh my!”Click here
10-June-22Wealth Profesional“A big thank you to the judges of the 2022 Wealth Professional Awards”Click here
2-June-22PWC Tax Insights“FATCA and CRS – Canada Revenue Agency outlines audit plans”Click here
16-May-22Investment Executive“Tougher rules for complaints reporting draw criticism”Click here
25-April-22Finance et Investissement« Les bénéfices du secteur de l’investissement s’envolent »Click here
25-April-22The Globe and Mail“Critics question approval of Ontario group to certify financial advisers, planners”Click here
19-April-22Investment Executive“Investment industry profits soar”Click here
19-April-22Finance et Investissement« Un processus contesté »Click here
19-April-22Finance et Investissement« Objectif : une surveillance proportionnée »Click here
6-April-22Investment Executive“IIAC calls for nominations for Top Under 40 and other awards”Click here
30-March-22The Globe and Mail“Ontario ramps up life insurance agent oversight amid advisor-planner title standards uncertainty” (for subscribers)Click here
29-March-22Conseiller« La nouvelle loi sur les marchés financiers rejetée »Click here
25-March-22Globe Advisor Weekly Newsletter“IIAC to put a priority on lobbying for the reduction of duplicate regulation”Click here
22-March-22Wealth Professional“Don’t disregard households in suitability considerations, says IIAC”Click here
21-March-22Investment Executive“Industry gives “thumbs down” to new capital markets act”Click here
20-March-22The Globe and Mail“Scotiabank eliminates funds with embedded advisory fees for discount brokerage” (for subscribers)Click here
11-March-22Insurance Portal“Proper training and controls can mitigate insider cyber threats” (for subscribers)Click here
10-March-22Portail de l’Asssurance Portal« Réformes axées sur le client?: il faut améliorer l’expérience des conseillers » (for subscribers)Click here
3-March-22Insurance Portal“Client-focused reforms: advisor experience needs improvement” (for subscribers)Click here
22-February-22Investment Executive“Industry and investors divided over OBSI review”Click here
18-February-22Finance et Investissement« Les sociétés d’investissement sont visées par les mesures de la loi d’urgence »Click here
16-February-22Advisor’s Edge“Investment firms being swept into Emergency Act measures”Click here
15-February-22Investment Executive“Executive moves this week”Click here
14-February-22Wealth Professional“The IIAC announces upcoming appointment of Tim Currie”Click here
11-January-22Advisor’s Edge“Market data faces scrutiny from U.K. regulator”Click here
11-January-22Investment Executive“Market data faces scrutiny from U.K. regulator”Click here
21-December-21Wealth Professional“Don’t let Ontario’s title protection add to regulatory confusion, IIAC says”Click here
20-December-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Shortening Canada’s settlement cycle … again”Click here
22-November-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC flags problem of accurately valuing thinly traded securities”Click here
22-November-21Investment Executive“Time to reform valuation practices, IIAC says”Click here
22-November-21Investment Executive“A steady hand at the IIAC helm”Click here
22-November-21Investment Executive“Proposed prospectus exemption raises alarm”Click here
15-November-21Wealth Professional“Listed issuer exemption could leave investors exposed, CSA warned”Click here
15-November-21Advisor’s Edge“Client assets soar during pandemic: IIAC”Click here
15-November-21Investment Executive“Client assets soar during pandemic: IIAC”Click here
4-November-21Finance et Investissement« De Croesus à Valsoft »Click here
2-November-21Investment Executive“IIAC finalists prioritize public service”Click here
1-November-21Investment Executive“From cold calling to top honours”Click here
29-October-21Wealth ProfessionalOp-Ed: “Short-term credit market functioning and projected policy”Click here
13-October-21Portail de l’assurance« L’industrie partagée sur le cadre réglementaire des organismes d’autoréglementation »Click here
12-October-21Investment Executive“Jonathan Lin named 2021 winner of IIAC Top Under 40 award”Click here
12-October-21Advisor’s Edge“Jonathan Lin named 2021 winner of IIAC Top Under 40 award”Click here
12-October-21Investment Executive“Disclosure reforms draw praise, concern”Click here
6-October-21Insurance Portal“Industry groups respond to regulators’ self-regulatory organization consultation paper”Click here
5-October-21Wealth Professional“Industry stakeholders weigh in on new SRO plans”Click here
27-September-21Wealth Professional Magazine“An evolution in self-regulation”Click here
23-September-21Tax Notes“Investor Groups Ask IRS to Suspend E-File Rule for Foreign Filers”Click here
23-September-21Conseiller« Encore un jury de qualité pour le concours « Les conseillers à l’honneur! »Click here
20-September-21Investment Executive“Client ID proposal raises industry ire”Click here
20-September-21Finance et Investissement« Réactions polarisées au Québec »Click here
20-September-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC releases Top Under 40 nominees”Click here
20-September-21Investment Executive“IIAC releases Top Under 40 nominees”Click here
30-August-21Investment Executive“Banks unfazed by success of independent brokerages”Click here
23-August-21Advisor’s Edge“Groups call for KYC to go beyond minimum standards”Click here
23-August-21Investment Executive“Groups call for KYC to go beyond minimum standards”Click here
12-August-21Finance et Investissement« Nouvel OAR : on doit miser sur l’expertise de l’OCRCVM »Click here
9-August-21Conseiller« FNB : un beau parcours »Click here
6-August-21Finance et Investissement« Nouvel OAR : accueil positif de la CSF »Click here
4-August-21Wealth ProfessionalOp-Ed: “The evolution of Canadian ETF product offerings”Click here
4-August-21Wealth Professional“IIAC welcomes new president and CEO”Click here
3-August-21The Globe and Mail“Canadian regulators to create new watchdog for investment industry, replacing IIROC and MFDA”Click here
3-August-21Media in Toronto“Laura Paglia Becomes New Head Of IIAC”Click here
21-July-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Expanded cost reporting poses an important and challenging task”Click here
14-July-21Finance et Investissement« Solution proposée au problème d’information au client »Click here
8-July-21Conseiller« Découvrez les intronisés du Temple de la renommée »Click here
29-June-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC announces 2021 hall of fame inductees”Click here
29-June-21Investment Executive“IIAC names 2021 hall of famers”Click here
25-June-21Wealth Professional“IIAC urges FSRA to minimize title-protection burden”Click here
25-June-21Bank of Canada“Bank of Canada to be closed in observance of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30, 2021”Click here
16-June-21Finance et Investissement« D’excellents résultats, malgré les perturbations »Click here
14-June-21Investment Executive“Retail trading fuels industry profits in Q1”Click here
10-June-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC names new board leader”Click here
10-June-21Investment Executive“IIAC names new chairman”Click here
10-June-21Compliance News“IIAC Names Board Chair and Vice-Chair”Click here
8-June-21Wealth Professional“Dealer platform advances fuel wealth industry performance: IIAC”Click here
26-May-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Complex exempt market offerings require more vigorous oversight”Click here
10-May-21The Hill TimesOp-Ed: “About time to get a grip on money-laundering problems in Canada”Click here
3-May-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Budget 2021 was a disappointment to the investment industry”Click here
30-April-21Finance et Investissement« OCRCVM : une écoute appréciée »Click here
28-April-21Wealth Professional“What Canadians like and don’t like about the budget”Click here
27-April-21Portail de l’assurance« Le commerce des valeurs mobilières surperforme pendant la pandémie de la COVID-19 »Click here
26-April-21Insurance Portal“Deadlines approach for industry awards nominations”Click here
22-April-21Insurance Portal“Investment industry outperforms during the pandemic”Click here
21-April-21Insurance Portal“Mixed industry response to 2021 federal budget”Click here
21-April-21Wealth Professional“Federal budget fails to inspire investor confidence, says IIAC”Click here
21-April-21The Globe and Mail“Shaw family invests in wealth manager Grayhawk”Click here
21-April-21Finance et Investissement« L’ACCVM nomme une nouvelle présidente et chef de la direction »Click here
19-April-21Finance et Investissement« Souplesse bien reçue »Click here
19-April-21Investment Executive“Canadian asset managers targeting ESG boutiques”Click here
16-April-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “How to integrate the CIPF into a consolidated SRO”Click here
12-April-21Investment Executive“Laura Paglia named next IIAC head”Click here
12-April-21Advisor’s Edge“Laura Paglia named next IIAC head”Click here
12-April-21Wealth Professional“IIAC unveils new president and CEO”Click here
12-April-21Insurance Portal“The Investment Industry Association of Canada appoints new president”Click here
8-April-21The Globe and Mail“Investment-industry regulator drops plan for minor-offence program”Click here
8-April-21The Hill TimesOp-Ed: “Steps Ottawa can take to restore fiscal stability”Click here
8-April-21Wealth Professional“Canada can start afresh from CMAIO pause, says IIAC CEO”Click here
7-April-21Investment Executive“Shuttering of national securities regulator came as no surprise to industry”Click here
7-April-21Advisor’s Edge“Shuttering of national securities regulator came as no surprise to industry”Click here
1-April-21Investment Executive“Letter: Industry has made significant progress on strategic issues throughout pandemic”Click here
1-April-21Wealth Professional“SRO consolidation is ‘inevitable’, say industry groups”Click here
31-March-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Positive surprises during the pandemic”Click here
31-March-21The Globe and Mail“Federal and provincial governments shutting down national securities regulator project, sources say”Click here
31-March-21The Globe and Mail“Investment industry groups push for quicker merger of regulators”Click here
31-March-21Investment Executive“Industry group recommends advice-focused SRO”Click here
31-March-21Advisor’s Edge“Industry group recommends advice-focused SRO”Click here
31-March-21The Canadian Business Journal“Investment Industry SRO Forum makes submission to CSA”Click here
31-March-21Zone Bourse« Le forum du secteur des placements sur les organismes d’autoréglementation (OAR) dépose un mémoire aux ACVM »Click here
31-March-21Street Insider« Le forum du secteur des placements sur les organismes d’autoréglementation (OAR) dépose un mémoire aux ACVM »Click here
31-March-21Yahoo Finance“Investment Industry SRO Forum makes submission to CSA”Click here
31-March-21Canada News Media“Investment industry groups push for quicker merger of regulators – The Globe and Mail”Click here
26-March-21Wealth Professional“Ontario on the right track with latest budget, says IIAC”Click here
26-March-21Finance et Investissement« Cinq façons dont la COVID-19 a modifié pour de bon la gestion de patrimoine »Click here
24-March-21The Globe and Mail“Groups call for small business to be the focus of the federal budget”Click here
22-March-21Investment Executive“Another record year for the investment industry”Click here
22-March-21Finance et Investissement« Conseillers divisés »Click here
15-March-21Bombay Stock Exchange Forum Views“Closing the Critical Gaps to Protect Personal Information”Click here
12-March-21Advisor’s Edge Magazine“Five ways Covid-19 has permanently changed wealth management”Click here
26-February-21Finance et Investissement« Le secteur des investissements pas à l’abri de la crise, mais il résiste »Click here
23-February-21Advisor’s Edge“IIAC calls for Hall of Fame nominations”Click here
23-February-21Investment Executive“IIAC calls for Hall of Fame nominations”Click here
22-February-21The Globe and MailOp-Ed: “A strong case can be made for Ontario to support market passport system”Click here
18-February-21Investment Executive“Investment industry not quite immune to crisis, but resilient”Click here
18-February-21Advisor’s Edge“Investment industry not quite immune to crisis, but resilient”Click here
17-February-21Northern Miner“Ontario taskforce aims to improve capital raising for public companies”Click here
16-February-21Investment Executive“With Vingoe’s term ending, what’s next for the OSC?”Click here
3-February-21Investment ExecutiveOp-Ed: “Dealers pursue strategic partnerships to offer alternative investments to clients”Click here
27-January-21Finance et Investissement« Proposer une « alternative » aux médecins »Click here
25-January-21Investment Executive“Are you the keymaster?”Click here
25-January-21Investment Executive“An independent alternative for doctors”Click here
18-January-21Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence“COVID-19 Coverage – Canada “Click here
7-January-21Wealth ProfessionalOp-Ed: “Closing the critical gaps to protect personal information”Click here
5-January-21Investment Executive“Letter: Investment industry well-positioned for the post-Covid recovery”Click here

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