Small and Independent Dealers

These firms are a critical part of the financial infrastructure in Canada, providing unique products and service offerings to issuers, investors and other participants in the Canadian capital markets. In addition to the general business and regulatory pressures facing all of our members, SAIDs are often subject to different or enhanced challenges specific to their niche. Understanding the importance of this sector, IIAC expends considerable time and effort assisting firms operationally, and advocating on their behalf.


Although cost pressures and declines in revenue have impacted Canada’s investment industry as a whole, they have hit small and independent firms proportionately harder, leaving large numbers of these firms – both retail and institutional – exposed and at-risk. A robust SAID community is a key component of the investment industry, and also for Canada’s economic growth. Their survival and growth is crucial to ensuring our industry remains competitive, capital-raising opportunities exist for small and medium-sized Canadian businesses, and both retail and institutional investors are provided with a wider variety of choice in making their investment decisions. For further information regarding the IIAC’s advocacy efforts on behalf of the SAID community, please contact us.

About the IIAC Small Dealers / Introducing Firms Committee

The IIAC Small Dealers / Introducing Firms Committee assists and represents the views and interests of small and independent member firms, including introducing firms. It addresses the needs of these firms by providing a peer network for firms to share information, experience and best practices. It also provides input on legislative and regulatory requirements to ensure that the specific concerns of this sector is appropriately considered.

For further information, please contact IIAC Managing Director Susan Copland.


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