Current Webinars

IIAC Cyber Education Series

In collaboration with NPC, Miller Thomson LLP and FleishmanHillard HighRoad, the IIAC is proud to bring to our members the IIAC Cyber Education Series of webinars and presentations.

We launched a webinar titled “Ransomware, BEC and Cyberjacking – The New Front of the Cyber War: Defense Strategies for Companies Large and Small” presented by Larry Keating, President and CEO, NPC DataGuard. You can view it here.

The best approach to cybersecurity involves not only prevention, but planning for an incident, and having a response team in place, guided by legal and communications experts. On June 21, 2018, Miller Thomson LLP and FleishmanHillard HighRoad discussed, “Incident Response Planning”. This is the second webinar of the IIAC Cyber Education Series. It is now ready for viewing, please click here.


Brexit: The Implementation and Repapering Challenge

The IIAC had the pleasure of hosting Monica Sah and William Winterton, a Partner and Senior Associate, respectively, with the law firm Clifford Chance based in the UK. Monica and William helped us understand the far-ranging policy and regulatory implications of Brexit, and the impact on financial markets and firms in the industry. They also provided insights on the transition (or implementation) period and the future relationship between the EU and UK. We captured their remarks in a webinar presentation. You can view it here.


Past Webinars

CRM2 and Investment Advisors: Meet the Challenge. Capture the Opportunity.

The IIAC has developed a webinar to help advisors use CRM2 to strengthen their relationships with clients through confident and comfortable conversations.

Watch CRM2 expert Susan Silma, co-founder of CRM2 Navigator, as she outlines the opportunities advisors are presented with by the new fee and performance reports some clients will begin receiving in January, 2017.

The webinar is eligible for 1hr of CE credits and can be viewed in its entirety or in individual modules. Those who opt to view the modules must view all 10 to be eligible for CE credits. The credits will be sent, via email, once approval has been received.

View the complete webinar (Webcast ID = 33151)

Module 1: CRM2: What is it all about? (Webcast ID = 33151A)

Module 2: How am I doing? (Webcast ID = 33151B)

Module 3: Connecting performance to goals (Webcast ID = 33151C)

Module 4: Investor questions about performance (Webcast ID = 33151D)

Module 5: Understanding money-weighted rates of return (Webcast ID = 33151E)

Module 6: What is it costing me? (Webcast ID = 33151F)

Module 7: Investor questions about fees (Webcast ID = 33151G)

Module 8: Connecting fees to value (Webcast ID = 33151H)

Module 9: From disclosure to conversation (Webcast ID = 33151I)

Module 10: Best practices (Webcast ID = 33151J)

If you have any questions, please contact Adrian Walrath at awalrath@iiac.ca.