Who We Are

Asset. Ally. Advocate.


Who We Are

The IIAC brings together individual Canadians, investment dealers, media, government and regulatory bodies to work together towards the larger picture: a prosperous Canadian economy.

The IIAC is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to fostering a strong Canadian economy.

We are leaders, mediators, researchers, communicators, opinion-makers, and team players; we work with key entities in the investment industry, nation-wide, to act in the best interests of Canada’s capital markets, and in the best interest of Canadians.

We move to always push the agenda forward, encourage sustained economic growth and build prosperity.

How do we do this?

Through active committee work, government submissions and relations, meetings, and media appearances, we are a strong voice for the issues that matter. We work with investment dealers of every size and type, major banks, government bodies and representatives, educational institutions, regulatory bodies, and other professional associations.


IIAC Members

Why does being a Member matter?

• Because being part of the conversation that shapes our markets and our future matters.

• Because quality matters.

The IIAC’s 116 Member firms are located across Canada and vary in size from small regional dealers with a few employees to large national firms with thousands of employees; all IIAC Member firms are regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) that sets high industry standards. Member status connects you with a network that comprises the majority of financial advisory services and securities trading and underwriting in Canada’s public and private markets, with a common goal of fostering a vibrant Canadian industry. Member status gives voice to your issues and insights, as an informative and critical component to the IIAC’s committees, and submissions to government and regulators. It gives access to resources, such as industry data, priority publications, webinars and tools and templates to help you succeed.


Government & Regulators

We represent 116 IIROC-regulated Dealer Member firms, and our Board of Directors is comprised of 15 members from our Dealer Member firms. These dealer firms account for a majority of financial advisory services and securities trading and underwriting in Canada’s public and private markets. Industry professionals are active participants on our working groups and committees, contributors to our submissions, and partners in our work. When we, the IIAC, speak, it is with an intimate knowledge of the issues that matter to our Member firms and their clients, be they institutional, corporate or individual Canadians. We look to the larger picture, advocating for measures that promote business expansion, job creation, boost economic growth and promote Canada’s success in global markets.


Individual Canadians

The world of investing becomes more complicated every day: interest rates, shifting economic and market factors, complicated tax measures, robo- advisors and online platforms, and competing banks and financial advisors. We want to improve the investment experience for individual Canadians by:

• Making it simpler and safer to invest

• Improving financial literacy

• Advocating with the government for economic measures that promote job creation and prosperity

• Working with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) to regulate and promote credible financial advisors and institutions

• Working with Investment Dealer firms and other financial organizations to help them with issues that matter to their clients, whether they’re high net worth, or just starting to save

When you become a better-informed investor, you protect yourself, your family, and your future.


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